ShopEdge is committed to being a full service provider for our customers which results in a single point of contact for our implementations. We help maximize your ERP investment by providing ongoing support and training services.

Software and Hardware

ShopEdge delivers complete accountability to the customers we serve by providing one source and one responsibility for all software and hardware components. We have a clear and undiluted R&D pathway residing on one platform using Microsoft® SQL Server and .NET technology. We are proficient in recommending software options and as a Microsoft® partner we can provide licenses such as Windows Server, CALs and other required software licenses.

Existing customer hardware can be leveraged to maximize your current IT infrastructure. Additional hardware such as handheld computers and scanners, thin clients, Android™ devices, barcode printers and machine integration hardware is all available through ShopEdge.

Training and Implementation Services

Shop Edge services extend well beyond providing software. We also offer complete training and implementation services as part of our software installation.

Our training services are executed by our in-house professionals whom have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of our software. On-site implementation services are available before and during your software deployment “go-live”. Our implementation professionals provide expertise and guidance, answer your questions, and deliver any additional training to fully support you as you complete the deployment. Our team can evaluate your current data, and provide recommendations and services to extract data from your current system, convert, and import your data into ShopEdge to make the transition quick and seamless.

Support Services

A variety of support services are available from ShopEdge. Our team of support experts can be available 24/7 to ensure your mission critical systems remain up and running. Our extensive online support tools offer self service support options such as online documentation and videos to assist with various system functions.