Deployment Options  

ShopEdge offers flexible deployment options. A client server deployment model can leverage your in-house IT infrastructure and provide complete control over resources, while a cloud deployment may better suit your needs if you want to minimize upfront costs and manage less IT infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more.

Client Server Deployment

Purchase a new server or leverage existing hardware and software investments; ShopEdge can help make a recommendation that is best for you.

The Microsoft SQL database is deployed on your local network, and ShopEdge is installed directly on client computers or thin clients.

ShopEdge can recommend and source a server if it is required, as well as any other third party software needed.

Cloud Deployment Options

ShopEdge offers flexible cloud deployment options.

The first option is a hybrid cloud deployment; Shop Edge is installed on-site, while a Microsoft SQL Azure database eliminates additional on-site server hardware and software.

The second option is a fully-deployed cloud solution; the Shop Edge Web Application is deployed on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform and accessed via a web browser for a high performance, affordable solution.